Snack Smart

With peanuts and peanut butter

Did you know that the average American gets about 25% of their calories from snacks?1 That’s about the same amount of calories you get from lunch! If you want to make one change that may impact your health, focus on switching to healthier snacks. Making smarter snack choices can help you feel more satisfied and prevent unwanted weight gain.

Snacking On The Rise

Research from the USDA shows that over the last three decades the amount of calories people consume from snacks has doubled, while the amount of calories consumed from meals has stayed consistent.1 Make your calories count by choosing to snack on peanuts and peanut butter. Here’s why:

Plant Protein

  • Peanuts have more plant-protein than any other nut, with more than 7 grams of protein per ounce.
  • A recent study that looked at 200,000 people found that substituting a serving of peanuts or peanut butter for a serving of red or processed meat reduced their risk of diabetes by 11-21%.

Peanuts Help You Eat Less

  • With the perfect combination of protein, fiber and healthy fats, peanuts help fight off cravings and will help keep you fuller longer.
  • Research shows snacking on peanuts in the afternoon instead of potato chips helps you eat about 20% fewer calories at dinner.


  • Peanuts and peanut butter are the perfect grab-and-go snack, and you can store them just about anywhere. You can easily keep them in your desk, car, purse or suitcase!
  • Don’t worry about getting bored! A Purdue study found that consuming peanuts every day for 12 weeks did not diminish their likability.

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